Hex Presse

Hex Presse is a feminist micro-press published and edited by Michelle Detorie. Hex Presse publishes chapbooks, games, puzzles, jewelry, and public art as time allows or urgency requires. Visit the Hex Presse blog here.


Hex Presse back at Open Press!

Saturday October 22 from 3:30-5:30 pm @ Ave 50 Studio
ENTROPY will be joined by Hex Presse, DUM DUM Zine, Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, Les Figues Press for a panel related to the theme of interspecies communication.

saturnOCTOBER 2015
Hex Presse will be at Open Press!

Panel presentation with ENTROPY:

Saturday October 10 from 12-3 pm ENTROPY
will be joined by ENTER>text, South El Monte Arts Posse, Two Lines Press, Hex Presse, for a panel related to the theme of planetary bodies. OPEN PRESS, Los Angeles, CA

Hex Presse Chapbooks

  • The Seasons Cemented, by Amanda Ackerman
  • Ice in Intervals, by Laura Goldstein
  • Resurrection Party, by Michalle Gould
  • Fluorescence Buzz, by Elizabeth Bryant (w/ Dusie Kollektiv)
  • Goughs Again Through, By Julia Drescher
  • FeralScape, by Michelle Detorie (w/ Dusie Kollektiv)

Hex Presse Cleromancy Games

Hex Presse Poetry Puzzle Specimen Jars

Hex Press Poetry Jewelry, Poetry Spools, Glitter Globes





Original Hex Presse mission statement

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hex Presse Mission Statement

Hex Presse, the print companion to the online journal WOMB POETRY, is a feminist press dedicated to the publication and appreciation of writing by women. Hex Presse publications are multi-media and eclectic. In addition to publishing handbound limited-edition chapbooks by contemporary poets, Hex Presse also publishes games and visual/tactile/manipulative poetic materials. Hex Presse games and manipulatives are often based on, sourced from, or inspired by the work of women writers. The goal of these materials is to create alternative ways of engaging/reading/experiencing writing by women. Hex Presse is interested in presenting text as multi-dimensional, plastic, playful, concrete, mutable, improvised, cooperative, collaborative, and interactive.

My inspiration for Hex Presse publications comes from a variety of sources. I admire the tactile poetry of Jessica Smith and the tangible beauty in the design of her magazine FOURSQUARE. I am also thrilled by the curiosity, detail, and wonder of the minumentals crafted by Julia Drescher for Dos Press. Dusie’s Wee Chaps and Big Game Books’ Tinysides satisfy my craving for colorful poetry in miniature, and I am mesmerized by Jen Bervin’s intriguing work with textiles and natural materials. I am continually surprised and delighted by Anne Boyer’s visual poems, paintings, and videos, and I am intensely fond of the art and writing by the graff girls. The manipulatives used in Montessori classrooms appeal to my desire for sensorial encounters with language and text, and I am excited by the poetic strategies developed by the oulipians and surrealists. I feel an affinity with the feminist art movement, the arts and crafts movement, Wunderkammers, ancient and medieval methods of divination, and the book arts. Kiki Smith, Lorna Simpson, Eva Hesse, Yoko Ono, and Renee Stout are among my favorite artists. I maintain a fascination with dollhouse furniture, vintage children’s books, kaleidoscopes, plastic animals, mirrors, wood, beads, plants and flowers, toys, games, relics, fossils, and machines. Other things I like are listed here.

More than anything, I am motivated to publish poetry by the brilliance and munificence of my peers, and by the writing and art by women who seek to create community and political change through radical critique, innovation, activism, generosity, and optimism.

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